Thursday, November 8, 2007

Writing According To LSI:

The Latent Semantic Indexing [LSI] algorithm is one of Google’s latest attempts to imitate human sensibilities with regards to filtering search engine results more effectively.

What the algorithm does is scan out websites that contain the search keywords as well as websites having similar keywords and related phrases and include them in the search results page. Google has taken semantics into consideration with the LSI algorithm.

If a web content writer has included the requisite amount of keywords in the content of the website, it would serve the SEO process better if variations on those keywords are also incorporated. For instance, if the website is about photography, similar words like still-life photography, photo developing, photography techniques, etc. can also be used.

One advantage is the quality of the article is enhanced. Repeating the same words is prevented. Variations in keywords also allow content writers to play around their topic. Thus, search engines crawlers are satisfied and the readers are more than satisfied. Site ranking and page visibility is alleviated by default.

The content writers at Cosmos Learnings are in the know about the latest updates in the search engine world. Every innovation and break-through is analyzed after careful research. Our methods and strategies always have our client’s requirements in mind.

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