Monday, May 21, 2007

Press Release

By definition a press release is simply content prepared for distribution to the media. Simply said - the content should be useful, accurate and interesting. Press releases generally follow a standard format. ‘You have to be seen to be heard’ is the norm. Therefore for your press release to get filtered with the best you have to have a catchy and powerful headline. Who wants to read the same stuff?

At COSMOS we make sure that your press release is read by the right audience creating the right impact. There are certain norms and standards that need to be adhered to. There is an established format. If your press release is printed just the way you sent it, then you know you are on the right page and can “Write on!”
Press releases are short and concise. Answering questions to the point. The body of the press release is very basic; who, what, where, when and why. The first paragraph briefly gives you a gist of what the rest of the press release contains.

We here at COSMOS write to be read. Our employees use the power of the pen to get your thoughts across effectively. A well written press release could go a long way in pulling in good business. This is the most effective medium which is read by all. There are various types of press releases such as general news, events, products and entertainment press releases.

There is a section in a press release called the ‘Boilerplate’ which is a short ‘about’ section which provides information on the organization and the individual.

Press releases are the best way to communicate and advertise your product the right way. So a well written press release could win you accolades and in turn good clients.

Hiring a professional is the best choice when it comes to writing a press release. At COSMOS we make sure you are noticed and heard.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Blog Writing

‘Blog writing’ is successfully making a mark in the industry today. A Blog as we all know is a personal chronological log of thoughts which are published on a web page, hence are also known as Weblog.

A Blog is an extremely interesting piece of writing. It helps people express their innermost thoughts, personal experiences, hobbies, and can be even maintained as an online journal. What makes a Blog different from any other form of writing is that they are written by people ‘for’ people. Without inhibitions; one can express their thoughts freely.

A ‘Blog’ helps you share your personal thoughts and views. It serves as a good medium for expressing effectively. Any website no matter how colorful, interactive and interesting, it is always about the ‘words’. Hence at COSMOS, they will be your thoughts with our words.

Today with the recent release of the ‘Google Patent for Blog PageRank, keywords have become essential, as the algorithm applies multiple content relevancy, link-to-search relevancy tests to determine the correct match. Keyword rich content helps increase page ranking. Clickable titles, timeless words all contribute to a Blog. Hence a Blog can be utilized in various ways. It is multi-purpose.

We at COSMOS value ‘words’ and believe in not wasting them. They have to create and make an impact. They fight like the army and we believe in winning the battle. Editing a Blog is as important as creating or writing one. A professional by removing a few words could add new thoughts with a whole new dimension.

A Blog has to be timeless, no matter how many times you read it, no matter after how many years it should always leave you intrigued. So we here at COSMOS believe in more of ‘hard work’ and less of ‘luck’.