Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Content Writing

Website content is the essential key to attract more searchers to your site. These searchers should know what they are looking for. The content should be interesting enough for the visitor to keep coming back. Compelling, relevant, and timely content would definitely make a browser revisit the site. Quality articles, tutorials, tips, etc lure the reader to the site. These sites are the ones which are generally featured in the top rankings in search engine results and they also have interesting well written unique content and links that point the searcher to other parts of the site.

In addition, if searchers can find what they're looking for on your site with a minimum of clicks, then you've got a very good chance of making them a return visitor. Quality Web content must be easy to find, and it must be relevant to what the searcher is looking for.

It's important to keep in mind that Web surfers don't necessarily always "read" your content. Instead, they scan the page, looking for stand-out words and sentences. This means that in order to attract searchers, you must not only write compelling content, but make it scannable. For instance, see these headlines I've got breaking up the article? That's an example of writing scannable text - if you don't want to read this entire article you can save some time by just scanning the page. Long, unbroken blocks of text tend to turn away visitors, for the very simple fact that they are difficult to read on a computer screen.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Say the Right Thing!!!

It’s all about the ‘words’. They have an all-pervading influence over all of us. They say you can weave magic with words or you can do permanent damage. They can grab attention, motivate people, and ofcourse lift spirits. They can be the ultimate soothers. It is a known fact that words can influence in a big way, if you ask me I think it is the only way. Words have all the power. Creating effective web content takes creativity and understanding of the reader’s psyche, but resorting to exaggerated claims or hyperboles can work against the writer. The writer has to build credibility to build a vast readership.

Website content has to be informative and reliable. Web users are generally impatient and keep surfing, like switching channels they just keep browsing and they keep clicking on any link they see. Therefore its important that the reader or browser is led in the right direction and does not get lost in a maze of words or with too many clickable links. Therefore writing is not only about creativity but has a lot to do with the right content. We would definitely want the reader to come back looking for you, that would mean you have made the desired impact. Today we have an enormous amount of writers so for you to be heard and read and for the reader to come back would mean you have achieved your desired outcome.

Creative writing or content writing is using the pen effectively. Saying what is important in a precise and concise manner is what it takes. But ofcourse there are write ups which require fancy work, they cater to a different audience, so depending who your audience or reader is the write-up can be made effective.

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Young Entrepreneur

J.P. Morgan, “When you expect things to happen – strangely enough – they do happen.” This is the buzzword or a buzz saying for young entrepreneurs today who know what they want, AND most importantly know how to get it. We all want to keep moving forward and want to come up with the most hi-tech innovations, but these guys are the ones who make it happen. Strangely though it’s true, ‘where there is a will there is a way’. These young entrepreneurs don’t believe in looking back and nothing can hold them down.

I have to mention this quote - Go as far as you can see,” said Morgan. “When you get there, you’ll be able to see farther.” They say you must dream realistically, but unreal dreams are the ones which give greatest pleasure when they come true. Small and gradual steps take you to the bigger picture of bigger ideas. Cosmos Creatives which caters to -Services ranging from Web Designing, Online Marketing – Search Engine Optimization (SEO), PPC, Graphic Design, Animation, Content Management and Software Development amongst others is the brainchild of one such young entrepreneur. Cosmos Creatives is an experienced turn-key internet solutions company.

I’d say planning is more important than execution. Never losing sight of your vision and keeping the big picture in mind is what it takes. Ofcourse faith and above all confidence in your vision and yourself play a major role too.

Being a beginner, there is a lot at stake. Reliability, efficiency, trust, credibility – all this takes years to build, but conviction and the power to hold your own in this competitive environment will definitely take you where you want to go.

More on this in our next blog - Stay tuned. ‘Young entrepreneurs todays generation’.

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Friday, July 6, 2007

Just Writing

My boss tells me ‘you’ve got to write’. Sounds simple right? Then why is it that the word gives me cold feet and sweaty palms? Writing is my passion, a hobby that’s now a job. But then we all have our days. ‘Writer’s block’, every writer will be able to identify with my this state of mind. There are days when the mind just does not want to think, I also call it the ‘blank state’. This is when the passion turns into a nightmare. Where are my thoughts? Can somebody help me? The worst is staring at an open blank document, which stares right back with impudence.

You write a sentence, and then there goes ‘delete’. No word or sentence gives you satisfaction. Words refuse to flow, thoughts refuse to surface. There you go, procrastination sets in. Now every other thing seems more pleasurable than writing. Then comes the restless stage, when your mind goes into an overdrive. Why can’t I write? Why is it so difficult?

Now when I go through this phase, I have learnt how to overcome it and get into the writing mode. I just ‘switch off’ my mind, I don’t push myself to think, I go for a stroll and enjoy the nature and think of everything but what I need to write on. It’s the last thing on my mind. It helps, maybe you won’t be able to write pages and pages, but a page will surely come out of it.

For all of us satisfaction is the key word. At the end of the piece, you should feel like you have conveyed all that you wanted to. The reader should be as satisfied as you.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Writing the 'RIGHT' way

Poor grammar and wrong spelling hamper the performance of websites, blogs, articles and any other form of media writing. A website or a document that contains spelling errors, poor punctuation and awkward sentence structure confines the smooth flow of reading and can ultimately result in the loss of a customer.

Cosmos Creatives offers you a range of ‘Content Writing’ services, ranging from writing press releases, blogs, articles, website writing to ‘editing and proofreading’ legal documents. When you’re trying to say something why not say it right. Typographical errors should be avoided; they dampen the entire spirit of the article.

It is true when we say that ‘commas are sometimes sprinkled like confetti, takes more time correcting a grammatically incorrect sentence than writing a new one’. Editing or proofreading takes twice the amount of time as compared to writing an article from scratch. Trying to correct someone else’s thoughts sometimes is a more difficult and daunting task. If you go over a sentence more than twice it almost sounds correct, which is when the real test begins.

Today time is money. Your day is busy enough without having to worry about the finer details involved in checking or improving memos, reports, presentations, manuals and all those other vital but time-consuming documents. Check out our range of business services to see how we can help you handle your backlog. It can be hard to know if you're using the right words, or if you have the correct meaning for a phrase or expression. Our experts will be able to figure out what you want to say and help you communicate in English, if English is your second language.

Convey exactly what’s on your mind!