Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Top seven tactics to design a successful website:

1. Commencing an ongoing SEO campaign -- Upgrades organic search engine rankings and intensifies the number of visitors.

2. Sends postcards or notes to Website customers/visitors via "snail mail” -- Additional point of contact improves conversions and recall.

3. Adds signature to every email -- Boosts exposure to a site and imparts the marketing message.

4. Analyzing visitors as a research method -- Helps one recognize the needs and problems of the visitors.

5. Adding testimonials to your Website -- Helps in establishing credibility and shows understanding.

6. Communicates the URL and tag line at every point of contact with customers and prospects -- amplifies awareness and interest; perks up recall; and magnetizes new customers.

7. MOST IMPORTANT: initially execute to your greatest ability. Then, persevere. progress upon and keep tweaking the achievement of each marketing program until it works for you.

At Cosmos Creatives, we follow these tactics whole heartedly along with a team of in-house web designers to deliver you the best possible results to add to our list of success clientele.

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The king: CONTENT:

A website’s content is a hodgepodge of all marketing things. The content should be the heart and soul of your web-based business unit, even if that unit is a part of the larger offline framework.

The websites content illustrates your product, is your location, supports your price & markets your contributions.

Producing good content takes a little sweat and a lot of devotion. Superior rankings and more qualified traffic will not happen over night. Time tested techniques will aid you build a content opulent site that in the long run, will result in traffic that is ready to spend.

Following are a few rules for crafting eternal content over the internet:

• Generate content that is useful, updated and demonstrative marking the uniqueness for the website.
• Good content address the target market’s information needs in a way that is not easily duplicated.
Content should always be customized to a specific target market.
• Mapping relevant content to strong themes on each of your pages, this would result to better rankings.

At Cosmos Creatives, expert content writer brainstorms ideas for building content that is both relevant and useful.

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Monday, September 3, 2007

Every piece of news matters:

Press release is an article put forward to media for allocation, having some news value.

Questions like who, what, where, when and why are frequently answered in every press release in the first paragraph itself, introducing you with a fair idea of the total article. As a press release is more of an honest document, seizing the attention of the reader becomes the focal point of importance at Cosmos Creatives.

Imparting knowledge about your business, general news, events, products or entertainment, press releases are a safe bet. They establish to be superior source of information and effect in good profit for your business, captivating many potential clients.

We at Cosmos Creatives adopt the approach, “pen has the power to make or break”. Cosmos Creatives has a team of dexterous copywriters, who after meticulous research & understanding of the subject write press releases to attain the best possible results for their clients.

So whether, you are new to the world of web or are an existing tycoon, at Cosmos Creatives, we assure you the best results, retaining our prime focus of dispensing good quality of service & having a satisfied customer.

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Customized copywriting:

Whether its traditional print media or electronic media, be it advertising, newspapers, or a website, copywriting is the use of a lucid concoction of powerful, inspiring and convincing lexis that not only sets your message across to your target audiences, but also fabricates preferred outcome.

Stupendous search engine rankings don’t arise by catastrophe. In order to take advantage of the splendid exposure search engines can offer you, you have to compose your site to meet their standards. Optimized search engine copywriting is one of them.

Search engine copywriting is the course of modifying copy on a website page to suite the style of the surfer of the site while also being in sync to search engines. Search engine copywriting optimizes the content on your site to rank your site higher when keywords related to your business are explored.

Search engine copywriting is essential in order to get traffic to your site. But, only inserting keywords and phrases all over your copy is not enough. It associates to convincing people and building a relationship with the content and using words that associate to their requirements and wants.

At Cosmos Creatives, we don’t overlook chances to amalgamate your campaign to success. We at Cosmos Creatives are intentional to bring long-term free traffic through natural search engine rankings.

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