Thursday, November 8, 2007

How Press Releases Function:

News releases, press releases or news statements are powerful PR generating tools. Business organizations issue them for the prime purpose of providing first hand information about issues concerning the organization. They inform, educate, elucidate, promote and in a way advertise the company or its produce.

A news release is mainly written in third person format with its predominant note voicing first hand knowledge about any events involving the company or new services and products that may be on offer. A statement can also involve information about any individual associated with the company.

Thus depending on their content, press releases have varying forms like general news releases, event release, product press release and social media release and are frequently accompanied by sales pitches that are strategically composed.

Once formulated a news release is mailed, faxed or e-mailed to editors in the print media or to television stations, radio and news networks. It is also posted on online forums and discussion boards. Doing so subtly invite the journalists and reporters to develop articles upon and generate interest in the organization.

While mainstream news agencies are the main targets for a press release, an increasing number of businesses are also seeing the advantage in sending out press releases to those sections of the market that seem beneficial to the organization’s profit making goals. Their concise and precise nature makes them effective means of establishing communication with the target clients and winning their support for the business.

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