Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Just like e-mails, ezines or newsletters are highly affordable and effective online marketing strategies. They are distributed strictly by subscription and hence are not likely to be tagged as spam by search engines or users. They focus on a specific group of readers and as such help a retailer build up on trust.

Some ezines are even posted on websites and blogs in the form of articles or blog posts. The usual method for delivering an ezine to the reader is sending him an e-mail or alert whenever the ezine is published. Newsletters can be published daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on how frequently the user wants to receive them.

Newsletters can be quite profitable as well if they are published in an article directory which has PPC features. All that is required to publish an ezine is a professional content writer and an auto responder service or broadcast feature.

In order to make the best of this online marketing strategy, it is necessary to submit more than 20 articles per month. Just like press releases, RSS feeds, blog posts and other written work, newsletters function as means of adding to website visibility. If the search engines are convinced of the accuracy and originality of the text in a newsletter than there is a better chance of the website being indexed.

At Cosmos Learnings, we provide exceptional writing solutions for businesses online. From initial research and consultation with our clients to carrying out an e-marketing campaign, we use tools like newsletters to take care of each aspect that has the potential to increase your business.

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Friday, November 23, 2007

About Content Copyright:

As laid down by the US Code, “Copyright refers to the exclusive right that is rewarded to an individual to reproduce, distribute, perform, display or license his work. An individual can also produce or license derivatives of his work.” The law requires that for a work to be protected by the Code, it should be in a medium that is ‘concrete’ and is original.

For protecting the works that are published online the Digital Millennium Copyright Act [DMCA] is the one solution that a site owner can use. By filing a complaint via Google, action can be taken against the offender. If the offending website uses the Adsense feature of Google, than the Adsense team comes to aid.

The first option a site owner has is always a polite request to take off the copied content off the website. If this does not work than a wronged party can take recourse to the DMCA.

Scraper sites, spam, made for Adsense [MFA] sites simply interfere with the smooth processing and retrieval of information. While it is imperative that such Internet flotsam be fought against, it is equally important to remember that a tool like the DMCA is prevented from being abused.

Using content that is original and based on ethical research methods is the best way a website can establish a credible name for itself. Web surfers visit a website or a blogsite or a gallery for specific information that they are looking for. When they come across a site that has what they are looking for but does not confirm to the general layout of the particular site, they instantly know that such data cannot be trusted. Each visit to a site matters.

At Cosmos Learnings, professional content writers work on creating and developing site content that confirms to writing ethics and copyright laws. Each client associated with us is different and as such treated differently. Our content writing services cover content for websites, blogs, press releases, brochures and other marketing aids.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Private Label Articles:

The phenomenon of ghostwriting is not limited to the publishing world. Its presence is very real in the virtual world as well. An astonishing number of content writers write articles and web content for use by another party. These articles are commonly known as private label articles as they are passed along under private label rights [PLR].

Private label rights allow the purchaser to attach his name to the private label article. In a way it implies a legalized copying of content. But then again, search engines treat sites that have content that seems to be duplicated as scraper sites and do not index them. There doesn’t seem to be much logic in using private label articles when this is the case.

Think again.

There are writers who put private label articles to good use. Content writers are constantly on the look-out for new information. Research forms a main segment of their work. Every source that provides new and relevant information is important to be examined carefully. A private label article as such, feeds them with knowledge that can prove useful to their research. There is no dearth of article directories on the Internet that list articles that are rich in information.

Abuse of private label articles is not uncommon however. There are site owners and lesser writers who see private label articles as a convenient way to fill up their blogs or websites with reams and reams of content. It does not matter if the content is duplicated by a score of other sites or not. A little tweaking here, a little editing there and an article purchased under a PLR can be re-sold as private label article as article directories have no way of recognizing this.

At Cosmos Learnings, our content writing team use content that is original and is based on authentic research. We examine and study different sources and build content sticking to the theme of the topic.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Augmenting Visibility With Content:

Search engines are the determining elements when it comes to recognizing the relevancy of a particular website. And site relevancy in turn is decided by a search engine based upon the SEO methods that have been used.

But how does organic search engine optimization make high page rank possible? E-marketing professionals hold the quality of the text that is displayed on the website as the backbone of a high ranking website. They use a range of tactics to make a website search engine friendly.

Most online marketers place content that is in context to the website’s objectives as the main requirement to render a site search engine friendly. Information that has been intensively researched and then written by a web content writer can lend added credibility to a business. When there is attention paid to detail, the consumer automatically understands that a business is to be trusted.

Expert content writers also keep the website’s status in a search engine oiled by regularly updating and modifying the text on a web page. As search engine algorithms keep changing, content writers have to keep modifying the content.

At Cosmos Learnings, professional content writers know what it takes to create interesting content. A strong search engine optimization background allows them to keep the search engines in mind alongside the end user. Our clients have been known to experience an increase in sales with our smart SEO tactics and high impact writing skills.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Cultivating Your Corporate Blog:

When blogging as a platform stepped into mainstream communication, it revolutionized the way public opinion was raised. Just about anyone could publish what they thought on the Internet. And what’s more, it was free.

The increase in user-friendly blogging softwares and tools added to the popularity of this medium of communication. While traditional methods of publishing involve time and money, blogging made it possible for users to update their respective blogs as frequently as they desired. The wheel of knowledge sharing was set in motion.

This brilliant method of publishing was capitalized upon by corporate houses who seen the marketing potential it presented. The business blog was the result of public relation strategies for marketing a business’ goods and services online.

Businesses now had a platform where they could reach out to their target market and interact with them through tools like feedbacks, surveys, polls and comments. While most of the content is biased to a certain extent, first-hand information is the main advantage which consumers have.

Setting up a corporate blog can be done either by an employee or by the owner of the business. However, for creating and managing a more professionally designed blog it is advisable to accept the services of online marketing experts. These professionals are usually proficient in web designing services and e-marketing strategies. They also possess a trove of knowledge and content writing abilities.

Content writers are in the know about forces that drive a market. They are well-versed in public relation concepts. Cosmos Learnings possesses such a knowledgeable team of writers.

Our e-marketing campaigns include creating and managing an interesting and regularly updated blog for our clients. Our content writers are aware about the latest developments affecting market conditions and work accordingly to take your business to another level.

Here A Tag, There A Tag, Everywhere A Tag Tag:

It is easy to tag/label an object or person. We’ve been learning to do it from kindergarten. Pigeon- holing anything and everything there is at your disposal sounds fun. And to an extent it is, though in a positive way. The 1990’s introduced the meta element in the world of web development and search engine optimization. These tags proved handy for SEOs, who used them in order to garner higher search engine rankings for their clients, which ultimately resulted in better visibility for their respective websites.

When creating meta tags it is important to avoid creating the same meta tags for every page of your website. Meta tags include title meta tags, description meta tags, and keyword meta tags. Of these, the title meta tag is the most important, as it is what visitors to your website will see featured on their browser when on your page. It is also what the search engine picks up when considering the ranking a particular page has to receive.

The description meta tags are not that important, but doesn’t hurt to have one as in a way, it gives a peek to what is on your page. Copy writing it in a dynamic style compels a searcher to accept your website as a search result by clicking on it. The keyword meta tags are the more trickier to create than the other two meta tags. Wrong keywords will tag YOU as a spammer and could lead to penalization. The most used keywords in your page should be the ones that are included in the keyword meta tags for your website.

Each type of meta tags are important in their own way where high search engine rankings are concerned. The right combination of these three meta elements can boost your site to higher rankings and attract more traffic to your website.

At Cosmos Learnings, our team of professional web content writers understands concepts like these. Working in tandem with the SEO team strategies like these are implemented to elevate a website’s search engine rankings.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Effective E-marketing And Copywriting:

Why does a particular website turn up as the first result in a web search? Is it because it has interesting photographs or cool graphics? Maybe it has simply made good use of e-marketing strategies. E-marketing, while a dominant factor in making or breaking a website, is hardly effective without a good website to promote. Such a website is only created keeping a combination of graphics, text and user-friendly features in mind. But just pasting on a few attractive pictures and graphics on to a website does not a popular website make.

All the flash and dazzle of a website has to be promoted effectively and explicitly to the user. Enter the copywriter. In essence, copywriters are known as web content writers in the e-marketing business. It is their responsibility to soft-sell the website’s various features and benefits to the target audience. The quality of content is what establishes the website’s credibility in the World Wide Web.

Search engines might at times pick up the inane and rank them high in search results. There certainly are means to do so. But what persuades the consumer to champion a particular site over a score of other similar sites is undoubtedly the originality and authenticity of the content featured in the same.

At Cosmos Learnings, we understand this. Skilled web content writers carefully research the market and what drives it. We effectively use all the resources at our disposal to ensure that not only your website attains relevancy, but also establishes its credibility.

Communication Via Internet Languages:

The late 1980s saw some of the first breakthroughs in creating websites taking place at CERN. It led to a boost in popularity of the internet as a medium of communication and broadcaster of information. A new stratum of professionals emerged who became indispensable to businesses with their skills in harnessing this newly unleashed media.

GML or General Markup Language was the first ever language these web developers used for composing web pages. It was influenced by Script which pioneered the concept of styles being separated from the marked up document. GML allowed for processing same source files to produce books, reports and electronic editions. A drawback of this language was it was limited to only document formats.

SGML or Standard General Markup Language was then introduced, which proved to be an intermediary for manipulating and exchanging text documents. SGML, in turn was used as a base for another language, HTML or Hypertext Markup Language, which allowed the developers to use fixed tags for composing a website. SGML’s more recent descendant, XML or Extensible Markup Language, allows users flexibility in terms of defining their own tags.

XML, made new kinds of Java based applications possible. JavaScript, a scripting language [not to be confused with the programming language Java], allowed an individual to add new elements and attributes to a webpage, besides re- structuring options, without having to know any other complex languages. JavaScript also enabled a shift from static HTML displays.

Ajax [Asynchronous JavaScript and XML] is another JavaScript based programme, which reveals and updates parts of a web page as a systematic process. The attributes of Web 2. 0 can be seen in such a programme where interaction between the user and the web site is made possible. Google Maps is a good example of Ajax techniques.

Our website packaging at Cosmos Learnings includes graphic design, coding of web pages and interactive web applications. Our web designers use languages like HTML, XML, JavaScript, etc. to make this possible. This enables the website to be easily accessed to by search engines. Not only is your website picked up for its quality content but it is also searched out for the quality of the web designing.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Advertising Through Flyers And Brochures:

Web content, flyers, brochures, user manuals and white papers are all part of the marketing collateral that businesses use to advertise their product or service. These marketing aids assist in magnifying the sales effort of an e-marketing team.

Brochures and flyers are effective and catchy material which can be used for offline marketing purposes as well as for online marketing campaigns.

Offline marketing campaigns are the traditional methods of marketing and being limited to space and time cannot be expected to have the impact that online marketing has.

However there is one main factor that cannot be underrated when designing brochures and flyers for both types of marketing campaigns.

Content. It is crucial that the text which is inserted in the brochure or flyer possesses a high recall quotient. Not only should it be concise and to the point but it also has to instill in the reader’s mind a sense of curiosity towards the business and what it has to offer.

Working around the graphics and styles that are used in the marketing material, the information inserted has to be easy on the eyes. The reader should not strain to comprehend the information provided. The quality of the writing reflects the business’ determination in succeeding as a service provider. If the grammar and punctuation is above average the reader instantly knows that the business pays attention to detail. The business’ credibility quotient is automatically elevated.

The content writers at Cosmos Learnings are inventive when developing content for flyers, brochures and other marketing collateral. Whether you want to promote your business offline or you want to promote it online, our unique e-marketing strategies and writing techniques can definitely boost your business.

How Press Releases Function:

News releases, press releases or news statements are powerful PR generating tools. Business organizations issue them for the prime purpose of providing first hand information about issues concerning the organization. They inform, educate, elucidate, promote and in a way advertise the company or its produce.

A news release is mainly written in third person format with its predominant note voicing first hand knowledge about any events involving the company or new services and products that may be on offer. A statement can also involve information about any individual associated with the company.

Thus depending on their content, press releases have varying forms like general news releases, event release, product press release and social media release and are frequently accompanied by sales pitches that are strategically composed.

Once formulated a news release is mailed, faxed or e-mailed to editors in the print media or to television stations, radio and news networks. It is also posted on online forums and discussion boards. Doing so subtly invite the journalists and reporters to develop articles upon and generate interest in the organization.

While mainstream news agencies are the main targets for a press release, an increasing number of businesses are also seeing the advantage in sending out press releases to those sections of the market that seem beneficial to the organization’s profit making goals. Their concise and precise nature makes them effective means of establishing communication with the target clients and winning their support for the business.

Cosmos Learnings offers content writing services that include press release compilation as well. Content writers having a sharp writing acumen develop statements that prove beneficial to a business by attracting the attentions of the desired target market.

Contact us at: http://www.cosmoslearnings.com/

Writing According To LSI:

The Latent Semantic Indexing [LSI] algorithm is one of Google’s latest attempts to imitate human sensibilities with regards to filtering search engine results more effectively.

What the algorithm does is scan out websites that contain the search keywords as well as websites having similar keywords and related phrases and include them in the search results page. Google has taken semantics into consideration with the LSI algorithm.

If a web content writer has included the requisite amount of keywords in the content of the website, it would serve the SEO process better if variations on those keywords are also incorporated. For instance, if the website is about photography, similar words like still-life photography, photo developing, photography techniques, etc. can also be used.

One advantage is the quality of the article is enhanced. Repeating the same words is prevented. Variations in keywords also allow content writers to play around their topic. Thus, search engines crawlers are satisfied and the readers are more than satisfied. Site ranking and page visibility is alleviated by default.

The content writers at Cosmos Learnings are in the know about the latest updates in the search engine world. Every innovation and break-through is analyzed after careful research. Our methods and strategies always have our client’s requirements in mind.